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SURYS is a French company world expert in the development and manufacturing of optical security features for Governmental Identity solutions, the banknote industry, the vehicle market and brand owners since 1984.

We have a worldwide presence and we work with the largest manufacturers, integrators, National security printers and paper mills. SURYS develops, markets, and offers a full line of security solutions that provide customers with the best responses to meet the challenges of fraud and digital counterfeiting: from the holographic laminates to authentication system.

SURYS is the world N°1 in the security laminate for passports and ID cards, and in general a world leader in development and production of high security features for document and products authentication. We work with governments and institutions in 127 countries.

SURYS is recognized as a leader in innovation and leading security technologies; we have a very strong R&D policy and invest each year an average of 10% of our revenues in innovation and new technologies. This is key in guaranteeing our clients, Governments and brand owners, who will authenticate and protect their products with technologies that keep ahead from counterfeiters while offering an always simpler and easier authentication tool to the first line of control.

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Jean-Charles Devynck
Managing Director

Phone: +33 (0)6 75 93 86 80