Company / Qatar French Rail Group

The group (Sncf – Ratp – Keolis – Ratp Dev ) is the world leader in Operation and Maintenance of public transportation: Metro, Long Distance (freight, passengers, High Speed Train), Tramway…

Our group has World references in mobility with proven international skills on large projects and all the expertise and skills required to assist large and complex projects from the onset overcoming challenges and identifying related risks.
Our worldwide expertise is in:
• Design and Management of Network Infrastructures
• Urban, Suburban and Regional Transport for Daily Commuters
• Long Distance and High Speed Transport
• Multi-Modal Freight transport and logistics
• Station Management and Development

We have the skills and abilities to partner with Qatar setting up and operating a high level and robust metro and railway system and sharing our know-how with :
• An objective for furthering our international presence
• Our Benchmark of Best Practices in major cities, including Greater Paris development
• A cooperation that would benefit both Qatar and French Railway Group

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Christian Dumond
Qatar Director

Phone: +974 5508 9321