PayinTech provide innovative and patented B2B cashless payment solutions. Our clients mainly belong to the following industries : tourism, entertainment and development.

We simplify transactions while enabling business customers to increase their incomes and to optimise their marketing data.

The solution’s central hub consists of a transactional engine that acts as a “Private Central Bank”. Users are equipped with a NFC wearable as means of payment within the ecosystem. Shopkeepers use a business application linked or not to their POS software.

Today, PayinTech operates in 17 countries (Western Europe, Africa, SE Asia, Middle-East, Latham) from its offices in France, Spain and the Philippines, and through its local distribution partners.

In 2018:
38 employees
€100m cash flows under management

As a European FinTech leader of our fast-evolving sector, we are proud to have as our main non-controlling shareholder Groupe Caisse des Dépôts, the French Sovereign Fund and biggest financial investor in France.


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Frédéric Bourdon

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