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Orange combines both roles of operator and integrator to offer all smart cities stakeholders with innovative ICT solutions and services that enable higher quality of life for citizens, professional and FM teams.

Our vision: “building the communities of the future by leveraging our ICT and service experiences to encompass full smart-cities scope beyond real estate and events to cover also health, utilities, transportation education as vertical solutions”. Our program management experience applies to both green-field or brown field developments.

Modern communication networks touch every part of a smart city’s operation, from transportation through to distribution of consumer and business goods and services.
Even crime-fighting and emergency response will be dramatically affected by the introduction of new communications technologies. Today’s property developers cannot afford to ignore these significant advances in city technology. Those that focus on basic ICT services will be left behind as their competitors differentiate themselves through the use of new technologies. Smart cities can distinguish themselves to their tenants and to governments alike, by providing their community with services to make work, life and play a better experience.

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Antoine Farah
Senior Client Partner

Phone: +974 4409 2727