Natural Grass have developed the most advanced reinforcement technologies for football pitches. Designed to reduce the carbon footprint and the use of water while increasing
athletes’ performance, those hybrid grass technologies equip the most demanding clubs across the world.
By introducing state-of-the-art technologies (not only hybrid grass, but also marketing or medical technologies, all related to sports pitches), Natural Grass is at the forefront of
developing cutting edge sports venues. The company is recognized for its innovative vision, sustainable commitment and forward-thinking technologies.

Patented technologies & services

  • AirFibr Augmented Grass : reinforcement technology used to build last generation of hybrid sports pitches. First and only hybrid technology to combine high resistance, softness to reduce the risk of injuries, flexibility (seed or sod solution), and water savings (up to 40%). The technology is also recyclable.
  • Hero Hybrid Grass : Last longer, play better! Developed to perform extreme usage thanks to its 3D knitted fibers, Hero is the most resistant reinforcement system on the
    market, and can be used as a lay-and-play solution.
  • AirPrint : Large-scale sports marketing. AirPrint is a sustainable air-printing technology, allowing to change any pitch into a giant and premium communication support.
  • NG le Lab : Augmented performance via prevention and monitoring. Laboratory created to increase athletes’ performance through science

Main references :

  • Real Madrid,
  • Arsenal,
  • Olympique Lyonnais,
  • INSEP (French National Institute of Sport, Expertise, and Performance),
  • Euro 2016, Ryder Cup 2018, Women World Cup 2019. (anglais) (arabe) (anglais)

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