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GEOS group is a Global Risk Management Company. We provide tailored made solutions related to Business, People, Assets and facilities, IT infrastructures and classified networks, Sensitive Digital Data.

protection of people, assets, facilities (VIP protection), Engineering policy security (Master and evacuation plans), crisis management: emergency response, kidnapping, anti-terrorism response, Maritime audit: port facility security services, and counter-piracy intervention.

GEOS will also help you to PROTECT YOUR NETWORKS:
We provide IT Services from logistics, support to security: organization and management of fi eld logistics and Network Security engineering, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan, Intrusion tests and auditing. GEOS Telecom, IOT engineers and technicians are deployed throughout the world to commission and operate complex and/or classified systems on behalf of its client.

GEOS also ensures your datas through CYBER SECURITY: GEOS is advising its customers in order to design secured architecture, security test of networks, expertise in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics, site and quality control management.

GEOS will also help you to PROTECT YOUR STRATEGIC INFORMATION, investigation, due diligence, litigation support and anti-fraud services.

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Virginie Sandrock
Qatar Director

Phone: +974 6611 4557