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EIFFAGE Infrastructures – A Responsible Player worldwide.

EIFFAGE Infrastructure Branch is a mayor European player in construction and concessions, specializing in all necessary skills for designing and building infrastructures on land and sea, from laying foundations to fitting equipment. Our teams are also experts when it comes to calculation and building envelopes and steel structures. We find multitechnical solutions for all industrial sectors.

Our three professional sectors, – Road, Civil Engineering and Metal, are active throughout France. The Infrastructure Branch also covers Europe, via subsidiaries in Germany, Belgium, Spain, Poland and Portugal, as well as Asia and Africa, thanks to some solidly established positions, notably in Senegal (since 1926).

EIFFAGE Roads team contribute to the upgrading of the entire French road network from local roads to motorways, handling both new construction works and rebuilding. We are involved in building port, airport and industrial roads and also experts in planning.

Engineering structures and facilities, underground works, river and maritime works, earthworks, demolition, deconermination, foundations and repairs are all in a day’s work for the company’s civil engineers. Their projects range from the highest viaducts to the most sophisticated tunnels, including waste and wastewater treatment plants, transport installations and power facilities, rail tracks and even wharves.

EIFFAGE Metal can count on expert knowledge when it comes to turnkey metal constructions. Our teams design and make envelopes for structures for buildings and civil engineering structures.  They also provide multitechnical solutions for a full range of industrial sectors, including the nuclear, oil services and wind energy in particular.

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Peter Rüschenbaum
EIFFAGE Infrastructure – International Division Country Manager Qatar / Regional Manager Middle East

Phone: +974 5065 2554