Company / Agence Publics

The major events specialist.

A comprehensive communications approach
• Agence Publics is an expert in influence communications, global communications and specialized events,
organizing major public events at the world’s most important gatherings.
• Its offer includes global communications and branding, consulting, public relations, press relations, publishing, brand
• image, media, content, research and a unique expertise in event communications.

Unique, comprehensive expertise
• Agence Publics develops and executes strategies that enhance its clients’ image by influencing and/ or activating key decision makers and opinion leaders: the institutions, governments, associations, NGOs, large companies, political leaders, the press, web networks and think tanks whose influence and actions are decisive.
• Agence Publics also works alongside corporate clients to help them develop their relationships with internal and external stakeholders and in creating value.
• Agence Publics helps governments and institutions become brands and corporations become labels.

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Otman Ben Fradj
Managing Director

Phone: +974 6612 5880