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ADGS is a high-tech company working in the areas of Artificial Intelligence applied to Big Data, Behavioral Biometrics and Emergent Behavior. ADGS is supported by the Qatar Foundation through Qatar Science and Technology Park and works with the Qatar Computing Research Institute. ADGS has been founded in Qatar in 2015.

Working with a team of mathematicians, statisticians and Engineers, ADGS has developed TASMO, an original Artificial Intelligence software that can understand human language through semantical analysis. With user experience in mind and proper ontology, TASMO can read and analyse tenders, medical reports, court decisions, contracts, pharmaceutical data, social media, financial reports and make predictions. It can also classify documents based on their content.

In only three years, ADGS seduced British, US, Argentinean and Kuwaiti companies, banks and governmental entities.

STROKK, a behavioral biometric system, allows to authenticate users based on the way users interact with a keyboard: this is a two factors authentication system in one single step.

Emergent Behavior allows for instance to simulate the blood flux in the human body for medical research purpose.

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Christophe Billiottet
General Manager

Phone: +974 6695 4090